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OGV-V Shadow3
Gents - thanks for the games and smack talk, but I'll be resigning as well. I'll be playing between WoW, Battlefield and the new Battlefront Beta (which looks pretty damn good by the way), so I hope to see y'all on at some point. Stay frosty.......

I bought battlefront and loaded the beta in prep to play it.

Then a few days later I got my free upgrade I signed up for from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Origin Client will not work.

I have found some fixes on the web, but they are all wacky .. download and install a million things manually and on your own kinda fixes.... so.. Just a warning. If you want to play Battlefront any time soon or upon release... Dont load windows 10. Stick with 7 or 8.1.... or whatever.

I have been very busy but will be back on OgV teamspeak soon enough, especially if I can get battlefront working.
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